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"...Kim was still drumming with her trademark precision and flair during her final, 99th hour in the James Turrell-designed Amarna gazebo. What a feat!"

- Bryget Chrisfield, The Music, 09 March 2023: Top 10 Moments From Mona Foma Hobart: Drumming Up Excitement

The full article is available here

"Kim’s 100 Hours is both birthday present to herself and an art installation as part of Tasmania’s Mona Foma festival. She’s been playing the length of the state, from Launceston to Hobart, and is due to perform her 100th hour this Sunday night in the grounds of the Museum of Old and New Art (Mona)."

- Sian Cain, The Guardian, 25 February 2023: ‘Hour 27 was quite tough’: why one woman is drumming for 100 hours over 10 days 

The full interview is available here

"People have got all kinds of passions, some go to lengths to live them every day. That is what Chloe Kim too did, she has a passion- drumming passion. On her 27th birthday, she drummed for straight 10 hours at Hobart at the start of the week."

- STP Reporter, She The People, 25 February 2023

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"Rhythmic offerings include drummer Chloe Kim’s musical response to South Korean artist Do Ho Suh’s large-scale installation Staircase-III, 2010, on view at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia."

- Art Almanac, 04 January 2023: Sydney Festival 2023 | colour, creativity, and activity

The full article is available here

"Besides the sense of total immersion in any piece she plays, she takes obvious joy in making art with others."

- Debbie Burke, 10 December 2022: Complex, crystal beats: Chloe Kim on drums

The full interview is available here

"Bassist Jacques Emery and drummer Chloe Kim amplified the hypnotic allure of Nock’s compositions and playing, producing a marvellously organic sense of ebb and flow." 

- Jessica Nicholas, The Age, 24 October 2022: Drawing links between the sheer power of nature and power of music

The full article is available here

"Head to the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia for a special event with experimental jazz drummer Chloe Kim, presented inside the Sydney International Art Series exhibition, Do Ho Suh. Spanning jazz, experimental, minimalist and more, Chloe Kim’s experimentation and improvisational sound ties to South Korean artist Do Ho Suh’s large-scale installation Staircase-III (2010), playing with ideas of spatial displacement and durational performance." 

- Aussie Theatre, 19 October 2022: Sydney Festival 2023 program announced

The full article is available here

"In Melbourne, Nock will perform Ondas with two young players from Sydney (bassist Jacques Emery and drummer Chloe Kim) – musicians he describes as “exceptional”, and who can provide the required sensitivity and freedom."

- Jessica Nicholas, The Age, 13 October 2022: ‘I’ve never had an audience reaction like that’: Mike Nock revives his masterpiece

The full article is available here

"...drums are just as pivotal as the other instruments in creating the prevailing moodiness." 

- John Shand, The Sydney Morning Herald, 03 September 2022: What to listen to this month: A worthwhile album from a nepo baby? Stranger things happen. Jeremy Rose & the Earshift Orchestra featuring Simon Barker & Chloe Kim, Disruption! The Voice of Drums ★★★★

The full review is available here

"To celebrate four decades since its release on ECM Records, he(Mike Nock)’ll revisit one of his career-defining albums, Ondas, joined by two outstanding young musicians rapidly establishing themselves on the national music scene, bassist Jacques Emery and drummer/percussionist Chloe Kim."

- Joanne Brookfield, BEAT, 18 August 2022: Melbourne International Jazz Festival returns with 400 artists in 2022 program

The full article is available here

"...Chloe made a debut as a composer and ‘rolled up her arms’ in training music students as a casual lecturer in the Drum Set degree at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Advertisement Chloe’s singular strength as an artist is solo drum set performance. In 2022, she performed solo at the Museum of Old and New Arts in Tasmania, and at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney."

- Clara Hwajung Kim, SBS Korean, 11 July 2022: [Artist of the Month] Jazz drummer Chloe Kim, relentlessly pursuing musical careers

The full interview is available here

"... two of Australia's finest practitioners, Simon Barker and Chloe Kim ... Kim, a generation younger, is rapidly becoming so distinctive as to be an innovator in her own right. The days when Kim emulated Barker too closely are long gone, with their main commonalities now being breadth of palette and sense of drama."
John Shand, The Sydney Morning Herald, 14 January 2021: "Disruption! drums home the message of 2020's upheaval" ★★★★

The full review is available here

"For Kim, alone in a foreign land, Barker's deep understanding of Korean culture was a huge plus, going hand in hand with his living example of the absolute commitment required to reach for the exceptional. "I'm really excited to continue discovering and strengthening my own areas of creativity and drumming," she says. "Because that is such a strong core and resource in me now, I feel so confident and encouraged to move forward."
John Shand, The Sydney Morning Herald, 12 January 2021: "A Trip to OZ that Unlocked Korea's Music"

The full article is available here

"Talented drummer Chloe Kim’s all-female ensemble Rain Patterns debuted with a mesmerising medley of Joni Mitchell and Judy Bailey."

- 'Women’s jazz tribute night helps girls find refuge', by South Sydney Herald, 8th April 2020

The full article is available here

"... the break out gig for drummer/percussionist Chloe Kim, one of the most talked-about young musicians in the Sydney scene."

- 'Time Will Tell' Quartet: Barney Mcall, Jonathan Zwartz, Matt Keegan, 22nd November 2019.  Link

"Korean born Chloe Kim is a rising star on the Sydney jazz scene..." - Jeremy Rose, Saxophonist/Composer, 11th September 2019

More information on Holopeak's debut album 'Summit Over' is available here

"Chloe ... you were aware of and influencing all the stories of heinous atrocity and triumphant joy. Your massive awareness encompassing all of it...You went through all those emotions and colours. Almost like giving the whole scene it's "life review". An excellent recap and synthesis of the whole story. Great drumming!" - Mike Rivett, Saxophonist/Lecturer at Sydney Conservatorium of Music, 21 May 2019

"Drummer Chloe Kim, perched atop Wombat Rock, creates a lush soundscape which alternatively melds with the forest and punctuates it. Delicate cymbal textures give way to sudden bursts of tom toms that echo across the granite faces of Wombat Rock."

- Easter at the Piano Mill 2019, 21 April 2019  

The full gallery is available here 

"Chloe is one of the hardest working and most dedicated young musicians I have encountered."

- Barney McAll, Musician/Composer, 4 March 2019

"Drummer Chloe Kim is one of the rising stars of the Sydney jazz and improvised music scene" Reuben White, AustralianJazz.Net, 8 February 2019

The full interview is available here

"Chloe is a terrific, creative young drummer. She cites The Necks as one of her influences...I've no doubt some extraordinary music is going to come into being  "Lloyd Swanton, Bassist/Member of The Necks, 5 February 2019

"Future stars paint big pictures and tiny details... certainly the future of improvised music in Sydney looks rosy in terms of the quality of the new generation of players... the gifted Kim"

John Shand, The Sydney Morning Herald, 9 December 2018: Czarektrio/Skram Luff review: Future stars paint big pictures and tiny details

The full article is available here

"... Kim is the first percussionist I've heard forge an approach drawing on the innovations of Australia's master-drummer, Simon Barker"​

- John Shand, The Sydney Morning Herald, 15 November 2018: Kira Kira review: Pushing musical frontiers – even beyond the grave

The full article is available here

"Australia's emerging jazz drummer Chloe Kim. Korean-born jazz drummer Chloe Kim (22) is believed to be one of the most outstanding instrumentalists currently enrolled in the Jazz Studies Program at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music"

Leah Na, SBS Korean, 31 May 2018: Australia’s emerging jazz drummer Chole Kim

The full interview is available here

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