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In April 2023, I composed new music for four double bassists and had the joy of debuting it live (watch a short clip of it here). After this debut, I expanded the composition to be suitable for six double bassists, and with generous financial support from the community and a fantastic recording engineer Pat Telfer, the music was recorded in July.

The composition of five distinct movements with approximately 40 minutes of duration embraces improvisation and showcases catchy melodies, harmonically evolving sections, dynamic rhythmic interactions, and the organic beauty of the double bass as a musical instrument. The recording will be released publicly after the completion of the post-production process.

Six Double Basses photo.jpg

From left to right: Oscar Neyland, Paddy Fitzgerald, Helen Svoboda, Chloe Kim, Jacques Emery, Harry Birch, Jonathan Zwartz

In 2024, I was commissioned by the Moirai Ensemble: Meg Cohen (violin), David Moran (cello), and Alex Meagher (percussion).


I am honoured to be the first Australian-based composer to create new music for these instruments. Meg, David, and Alex create really beautiful and unique sounds on their instruments. Their precision and commitment in performances are inspiring, and their gentleness and leaving spaces for the music to breathe allow me to imagine so many potential pathways for this new composition. We will spend a week at the Bundanon Art Museum residency in June to develop this new music.


We are also running a campaign through the Australian Cultural Fund to support our project. To contribute, please follow this link.

Moirai Photo_edited.jpg

From left to right: Chloe Kim, Meg Cohen, David Moran, Alex Meagher

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