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Leading & Co-leading


Emanation (2)_edited.jpg

Jonathan Zwartz (bass), Hilary Geddes (guitar), Chloe Kim (drums), Sandy Evans (saxophone), Zela Margossian (piano)

Chloe hopes to offer a warm shower of singable melodies, and refreshing energy with her ensemble Emanation. Chloe’s compositions draw on her nostalgic memories of growing up listening to gospel and classical music, whilst the overall narrative is informed by her experience composing solo drum set music.

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Nick Mielczarek (guitar), Chloe Kim (drums), Harry Birch (bass)

Holopeak reorganise minimalism, jazz, rock and electronica into a new sound world through extended improvised forms. Their debut album Summit Over, and the second album Golden Walk are powerful statements from three creative visionaries, set to embark on new Australian musical horizons.

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Jachlo (2).jpg

Chloe Kim (drums), Jacques Emery (bass)

The Jachlo project allows these two inquisitive artists an open platform to experiment with improvised forms and a wide palette of instrumental colour. For every performance they devise a completely new piece; this has resulted in hard hitting micro-timed grooves on electric bass and drum kit, long-form drone pieces on keyboards and bowed guitar, and interactive "game-pieces" with radios, laptops and percussion.

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Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth.jpg

Hilary Geddes (guitar), Jonthan Zwartz (bass), Chloe Kim (drums)

Sweet Tooth is a captivating trio initiated by bassist Jonathan Zwartz in April 2023. Having played together in various contexts for many years, the trio share a foundation of caring friendship, mutual mentorship, and a profound musical understanding. This cohesive bond enables the trio to collectively navigate each other's compositions while fearlessly exploring new sonic landscapes.

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Chloe Kim (drums), Helen Svoboda (bass), Callum Mintzis (trombone)

Three friends (who happen to be some of Australia’s most in-demand improvising musicians) decided to start a band. When their first sessions were punctuated by bursts of laughter and the music carried an organic sense of playful joy, they decided to record an album.

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Disruption! The Voice of Drums


Jeremy Rose (composer, tenor saxophone/bass clarinet), Simon Barker (composer, drum soloist), Chloe Kim (composer, drum soloist)
Ben Carey (modular synthesizer), Jacques Emery (bass), Hilary Geddes (guitar), Novak Manojlovic (piano, rhodes, prophet), Thomas Avgenicos (trumpet)

Jeremy Rose and the 8-piece Earshift Orchestra bring a thrilling tribute to the timeless, visceral and disruptive power of the drum - Disruption! The Voice of Drums, featuring extraordinary drum virtuosi Simon Barker and Chloe Kim. Premiering to wide acclaim at the 2021 Sydney Festival (2022 APRA Award 'Performance of the Year' winning work), this major new work offers an opportunity to reflect on the current disruptive challenges we face, with bush fires, a global pandemic, civil unrest and a growing ecological disaster.

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Gary Daley (piano), Paul Cutlan (woodwinds), Ollie Miller (cello, electronics), Chloe Kim (drums)

Bungarribee is led by highly respected pianist, accordionist and composer, Gary Daley. Bungarribee embark on a creative journey which unfolds via deep communication and improvisation. Performing original compositions along with fresh improvisations on music by iconic composers such as Bartok, Schoenberg, Ligeti and Bach filtered through diverse traditions such as jazz , folk, improvisation and classical.

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Barra Barra


Brenda Gifford (composer, saxophone), Sandy Evans (saxophone), Gary Daley (piano/accordion), Jacques Emery (bass), Chloe Kim (drums)

First Nations composer and saxophonist Brenda Gifford’s work is deeply connected with her relationship to country, community and culture. Bringing the concert to life, alongside Gifford are leading Australian jazz musicians. In a moving exchange of artistry and precision, together they’ll beautifully breathe life into a stunning collection of original compositions.

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